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PIERCE Engineering
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About Us

We build precision rifles to precise standards, providing uncompromised accuracy whether they are for competition, hunting, law enforcement, our military or just exercising your 2nd Amendment Rights.

The man behind Pierce Engineering , John Pierce, likes to think “outside the box”. With an international background building competition race engines, John decided to use his advanced engine building machinery and equipment to improve the performance of rifle components and rifle building. A serious shooter himself (competitive benchrest and field), John is acutely aware of features that produce or detract from top performing rifles. His pursuit of the best equipment has immersed him in the creation of everything from unique class winning wooden stocks to a precision firing pin, that actually increases accuracy, to precision actions for anyone who can appreciate the importance of accuracy, whether it be in competition or in the field.

With all of our work done “in house”; whether you want to have your current rifle accurized or a new precision rifle built using one of John’s hand crafted actions, John can build one for you that will produces extreme accuracy while staying within your budget. If you want a very special hunting rifle, benchrest rifle, varmint rifle or sniper rifle, Pierce Engineering is your place for you.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and it is with this in mind that we strive to provide you with the choice of rifles and shooting components.

Pierce Engineering is also a full service machining center. Our capabilities included general machining, as well as CNC machining, CNC turning and deep hole drilling, and Electrical Discharge Machining services. For more on our capabilities and a quote, please contact us.

Pierce Engineering is based in Lansing, Michigan. Our friendly customer service, honest advice and our drive to improve on our products and service will show you that purchasing a Pierce rifle or having us work on your current rifle was a very wise decision.