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Pierceision Firing Pin Assembly(Back to products)

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Firing Pin Assembly

  • Pierce Firing Pin $70.00

Gives shooters a faster lock time, eliminates the convoluted firing pin spring, and increases firing pin energy.

Pierce complete firing pin assemblies install in Remington 700 bolts in just a few seconds with a firing pin removal tool. The Pierce firing pin assembly replaces the OEM firing pin, mainspring and bolt shroud in both pre-lock and post-lock bolts with the same unit. No firing pin disassembly is required. PIERCEision firing pin assemblies give shooters a faster lock time of 2.3 milliseconds, eliminate the convoluted firing pin spring and increase firing pin energy to 4.3 inch-pounds. Assemblies are available in black or silver for long and short actions.

These firing pin assemblies will NOT work in Model 7's, XP-100's, or 788 actions.

Product Data

Replaces OEM Firing pin, mainspring and bold shroud in both pre-lock and post-lock bolts
Lock time 2.3 Milliseconds
Firing Pin Energy 3.3 pounds/inch
Colors Available Black, or Silver
Functions with... Long and short actions

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  • Firing Pin Assembly