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Pierce Action

  • Short Action Single Shot $935.00
  • Short Action Repeater $985.00
  • Long Action Single Shot $985.00
  • Long Action Repeater $1,035.00
  • $

Available in short and long actions, John Pierce’s action duplicates the size and footprint of the Remington 700, but is manufactured with more precise tolerances and includes a side-mount bolt release.

Designed to provide benchrest accuracy, the 1.350"-diameter Pierce Action has a drop-in compatibility with stocks inletted for the Remington 700. Tactical bolt handles are available. Designed for the hunting, tactical, and varmint markets, the Pierce action starts with a base price of $935. Pierce actions are made from 4140 chrome-moly steel (This same steel is also used for crankshafts and connecting rods in professional race engines.) and comes standard with Cerakote finish. All Pierce actions feature the Pierce enhanced Firing-Pin Assembly (FPA). With a faster lock time (2.3 milliseconds) and lighter strike (4.3 in/lbs), the Pierce FPA delivers easier bolt lift and reduced disruption when the pin hits the primer. Independent testing (Precision Shooting, 12/05) concluded a Pierce FPA can even shrink group size. The Pierce action was reviewed very favorably in the April '07 edition of Precision Shooting. A Pierce recoil lug is also included in every Pierce action purchase.

Product Data

Left Hand Configuration No Charge
Cone Bolt Upgrade 35.00
RB/LP- LB/RP Configuration 50.00
Add Extra Port 50.00

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