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Long Titanium With Ultra-Light Bolt

  • Short Action $1,335.00
  • Long Action $1,385.00

We have now added Titanium versions of the Pierce Round actions to our action Line up . Titanium is very strong and comes in at about 42 percent the weight of steel and has a high strength to weight ratio of 1.5+..... We only use the best 6Al-4V known as Grade 5 titanium .

Looking for the ultimate in Lightweight and Precision... The Pierce Titanium Action can get the job done. 

Ultra light and Ultra strong this action should please everyone looking to build that lightweight rifle.

Action weights: 

Long Action Body only  9.1 oz 

Long Action With Complete Bolt  20.8 oz   

Short Action  Body Only  8.5 oz 

Short Action With Complete Bolt 18.5 oz 

( weights listed are with our standard bolt, standard round handle, standard flute depth) 

We now offer a Bolt Lighten Option to further reduce weight- up to 1.5 oz - $ 100.00 upgrade 


Still the same footprint as a remington 700, the actions will be available in Short or Long action and available in right or left bolt.

Actions will have the option of a titanium Recoil Lug 

All come with the Pierce 4140 chrome Moly Spiral Fluted Bolt and a Pierce firing pin assembly.

Bolts use a sako or M-16 style extractor.

Please call for more details and production timelines.

 Current lead times are 90+ days 



Product Data

Titanium Recoil Lug 50.00
Ultralight Bolt and Handle Upgrade 100.00

product Images

  • Long Titanium with Standard Bolt
  • Long Action Titanium with Ultra-light Bolt
  • Titanium Recoil Lug
  • Ultra-light bolt bottom
  • Ultra-light Bolt
  • Long Titanium With Ultra-Light Bolt