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Pierce tube Gun Action - Shown in Black Cera-kote

  • Short Repeater $885.00
  • Long Single Shot $885.00
  • Long Repeater $935.00
  • XL Long Repeater 9.00 OAL , $985.00

Pierce Engineering offers a outstanding Action Specific for your Tube Gun Build

The Pierce Tube Gun action is the most used and most winning action out there because of its attention to detail.  Features like the magazine and loading Port design and location that exactly match up to the chassis.  The rear tang design that conforms to the chassis and supports the bolt to make a smoother and more ridgid platform. The option to have your action cera-koted to match the color for your chassis.  The threaded handle that allows you to use any type of bolt knob you like.   These are some of the features we have found over the years of making this action that make this the best out there. 

The Tube Gun Action also still has all the same features as any Pierce Action , like the quality 4140 chrome Moly Steel,  Pierce Firing Pin Assembly ,  Fluted Bolt and 18TPI Tennon Thread

We also can complete the assembly of your Rifle. 

Let Us Finsh your Build -  Prices to complete your rifle start at 1900.00,  That includes quality triggers like, Jewel , CG Mod 22, Huber Concepts.  Match Grade Barrel of your Choice , Chambering , Assembly of your chassis and Pinning of the scope rail .

Product Data

Left Hand Available No Additional Charge !!
Rebated Recoil Lug , (Need For XL Action) $50.00
Dual Port Config $50.00
3/4 Bolt Upgrade (Recommended for Lapua BF) $75.00

product Images

  • Pierce tube Gun Action - Shown in Black Cera-kote