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Good Job Chris !!


 just wanted to let you know it has been a good year of shooting with the rifle ya'll built for me.  I won the Arkansas Regional Championship in F-T/R class in September and I won the Tennessee State championship in F-T/R in October.  They wouldn't let me be the champion because I don't live in TN but I still outshot everyone in my class with a 1182-61X over two days.   

The trophies are for 1st place Master Class shooter at the TN state Championship, 1st place F/TR shooter at the TN  State Championship, and 1st Place F/TR shooter at the Arkansas regional Championship.  Just to let you know, I also set the NRA 300 yard Police record with a 198-13x, broke the existing NRA record for Police at 500 yards with a 198-12x, using this rifle.  Thanks again for the great rifle and the great work.


Chris Umfress